PRESSURETAC product marking

Linerless, self-adhesive paper for labelling as loop tags.

PRESSURETAC is the alternative to standard self-adhesive labels

In the logistics industry, correct and secure goods identification plays a central role. It is therefore not surprising that many distribution centers are looking for alternatives to standard self-adhesive labels. The special properties of labels from PRESSURETAC can have a positive effect on the entire distribution process within distribution centers:

All required information is printed in a barcode on handy PRESSURETAC strips by means of thermal direct or thermal transfer, and quickly attached to the appropriate roll container in the form of a loop without creating waste.

The solution!


The basic principle of PRESSURETAC labels is based on cold sealing technology, which uses adhesives with high cohesion. When two ends of such a back-coated material are pressed together, the high cohesion results in permanent adhesion.

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The resulting loop pendant thus adheres only to itself, back to back, without additional waste.

Efficient and flexible goods labeling ensures a smooth process and is absolutely essential in the various logistics sectors:

  • Beverage logistics
  • food logistics
  • Plant logistics
  • Large laundries
  • The meat industry


  • Adheres to each other only on the coated back – no silicone paper required (linerless)
  • Reduced risk of accidents during operation as there is no silicone paper on the floor
  • Can be removed without residue – no need to clean mesh boxes, trolleys or tension belts
  • “Ready-to-use” for end use – no punching/perforation required
  • Variable material thickness – for manual and machine application
  • Environmentally friendly, since FSC®-certified and without silicone paper
  • Can be used in storage rooms at -20° to +30°C

In addition to the manual labeling of roll containers in the food industry, the automatic labeling of pallets on the strapping has also established itself in the beverage industry. The PRESSURTAC range offers products with the appropriate weight and rigidity for very good machinability.

It could not be easier!


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