Coated foils, banners, textiles, poster and photo papers for unforgettable advertising messages

Exhibition stands, sales rooms, shop windows and other advertising spaces must attract attention and should make the viewer an interested customer. With its multitude of inkjet print media for advertising technology and signage, SIHL offers the right material for every point of sale for effective advertising.


Whether in exhibition halls, large shopping malls or in front of small boutiques, roll-up and pop-up displays with strong advertising messages can be found everywhere.

They have to convince the viewer of their message in a matter of seconds. And that requires the right pressure medium.

SIHL offers a large selection of films with various surface coatings for water-based, solvent, latex and UV ink systems. The media not only convince with brilliant colour reproduction, high opacity and tear resistance, but some of them have also fire protection certification or outdoor suitable.


Shop windows, floors and walls are the perfect areas to present offers or information for customers.

With the self-adhesive media from SIHL for lettering and signs, these areas become real eye-catchers. No matter whether for a short or long-term application, indoors or outdoors, permanently adhesive or removable, SIHL offers the right material for every advertising application.

Vinyl and Polypropylene films impress with their brilliant colour reproduction, some are also fire protection certified with B1, splash-proof and therefore suitable for short-term outdoor use. The permanent adhesive photo and poster papers are ideal for long-term signage and with WallGrafX Prime 240 FR there is even a removable, tear-resistant and environmentally friendly textile, which is ideally suited for easy bonding of small and large areas.


Brilliant colours, deep blackness, excellent contrast and a high radiance are the basis for eye-catching lightbox and shop window advertising that attracts everyone’s attention.

The backlit media from SIHL perfectly combine all these properties. They are also tear-resistant, scratch-resistant, dimensionally stable and splash-proof, so that they are also outdoor suitable and can be used despite of condensation and high air humidity.

The SIHL range has the right choice for the application, because the foils are available in different thicknesses and for different printing systems.


Displays that present the latest offers to customers or at information stands are indispensable as point-of-sale applications.

With the Superdry Display Film 165 from SIHL, your messages are eye-catching. The polyester film for water-based printing systems is characterized by good image sharpness, high resolution, brilliant colour reproduction and optimal flatness.

Polypropylene films are the best choice for short to medium-term use outdoors. Due to their high scratch resistance and splash water resistance, they are outdoor suitable.

If the desired application requires a thicker material, we recommend SIHL banners. The different materials all impress with their tear resistance. Some of them are also environmentally friendly, opaque and even flame-retardant.


Water-resistant and robust billboards and posters with excellent colour reproduction guarantee successful advertising messages.

SIHL offers a variety of different papers: Whether matt, glossy or satin, opaque thanks to the blue back (blueback), for indoor or outdoor use and various thicknesses, in the SIHL range you will find the right one for your application.

However, our billboards and poster papers all have one thing in common: they are environmentally friendly and FSC®-certified. This means that all base pairs for the poster products supplied by SIHL are monitored from the sustainably grown raw material to the consumer and meet the criteria for sustainable forestry.


A perfect image reproduction lives from brilliant colours, high resolution and excellent edge sharpness.

The high-quality PE-coated photo papers from SIHL are therefore the ideal choice for photo and poster applications in the advertising sector. Another advantage is their FSC® certification. This guarantees that the base material of our products is environmentally friendly and meets the criteria for sustainable forestry.

Our coated photo paper for solvent, latex and UV printing systems is even equipped with a water-repellent surface, weather-resistant and therefore also suitable for outdoor use.

Our Glamor S Photo Board 270 is ideal for self-supporting counter cards or special packaging applications. The high-quality, stiff photo board impresses with its high colour brilliance, unique gloss and a splash-proof, resistant surface.