Whatever is required, this range is for everyone - at home and in the office. Glossy or satin photo papers or matt papers for presentational documents. Brilliant colours, very good contour definition always provide the perfect print.

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Let the creativity impress rather than just print.The Sihl Imaging papers are a bit different from the norm and allow a large scope for self-designed menus, certificates or invitations.T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts for stag parties, graduation parties or children's birthday parties are quickly designed and printed using printable textile transfer papers and a digital printer.


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Engineering / CAD

Architectural and engineering offices, as well as reprographic printing service providers now work almost exclusively with large-format inkjet printers. These inkjet printers are ideal for black and white or coloured line drawings or CAD presentational prints with full colour areas. Sihl offers a wide range of CAD media with different properties and finishes

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