Sihl at LabelExpo Europe 2023

Sihl at LabelExpo Europe 2023

After the LabelExpo Europe had to be cancelled in the last years due to pandemic, we are pleased to present again this year at the world‘s largest event for the label and packaging industry in Brussels with a cross-section of our broad portfolio. Sihl showcases solutions in the segments Label FACESTOCK, ARTYSIO Flexible Packaging and Tags with focus on sustainability. Sihl is considered a pioneer on the path to greater sustainability and as part of the ESG strategy combines economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility.


In the FACESTOCK range, we present innovations for water-based on-demand inkjet printing. It includes BOPP and PET films in various sizes and colours and already offers 10 film products with a PCR content of between 30% (white) and 90% (clear). The products have the same mechanical properties and the undisputed Sihl printing performance in laser or AQ inkjet printing, so just like the rest of the range they are easy to process and offer identical benefits: fast drying, high colour brilliance, sharp-edged prints and good water resistance.

Together with the right adhesive, they support recycling efforts, whether through the option of monopackaging or automatic sorting during recycling. To reduce CO2 emissions, many products are available with DUAL printing technology. This reduces inventory along the entire logistics chain, as only one product is needed for at least two printing technologies, such as inkjet and laser.

In addition, Sihl saves resources in the use of materials and offers aqueous inkjet products with reduced weight. Compared to the corresponding PET or BOPP grades, the total weight is reduced by up to 40%, which increases productivity with 30% to 50% more labels per roll.

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With ARTYSIO we offer functional, flexible packaging solutions for water-based on-demand inkjet or laser printing for narrow web printers, converters and brand manufacturers. Premade, individually printable stand-up pouches: The ARTYSIO film is first produced on the line to form unprinted stand-up pouches, which can then be individually printed later as required using aqueous inkjet or laser printing. This variant is suitable for all small, highly flexible customer orders of up to 10,000 pieces and represents a completely new benchmark in the industry.

The “Made for Recycling” seal guarantees sustainability. ARTYSIO is manufactured according to GMP guidelines (“Good Manufacturing Practice”) and ensures production in the food environment. Therefore, ARTYSIO is qualified as flexible, primary packaging for food & non-food applications.

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Correct and secure goods labelling plays a central role in the logistics industry. At the same time, cost pressure is continuously increasing, and companies are looking for new efficient, cheaper and more flexible solutions. In addition, with sustainability another important factor has come into play. As a specialist for high-quality coatings, Sihl offers innovative solutions that clearly move in this direction. In the logistics industry, pallets are traditionally wrapped with stretch film during transport and then labelled. This generates large amounts of waste that must be disposed of.

Sihl has found a solution to this problem with PRESSURETAC, an environmentally friendly, linerless label material. The loop tag is attached, for example, to a reusable pallet strap, box, or trolley, which are safe and environmentally friendly substitutes for stretch film. It also scores points because it only sticks to itself. Once folded on its back, the high cohesion ensures the label sticks to itself permanently due to a cold-seal technology. This eliminates the need for silicone paper used in traditional methods, reducing both production time and waste.

It is easy to remove and leaves no marks, increasing economy and environmental friendliness by eliminating the need for costly chemical cleaning of cages, belts and trolleys. The label material is recyclable and FSC® certified. And as it is compact and lightweight, it saves costs and CO2 emissions during storage and transport.

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Tags on demand

With the ENDURO and PICOFILM ranges, Sihl offers solutions for decentralised on-demand printing of tear-resistant plant stabbers, loop and hang tags in short runs. This allows blank labels to be designed flexibly without pre-printing and at the same time meets customer requirements for personalisation.

ENDURO products are durable and long-lasting due to a special composite material with a film core between two paper layers. It can be processed and printed as easily as paper and is at the same time tear-resistant, water-repellent, durable and hard-wearing. In addition, the ENDURO range is FSC® certified and certified for recyclability / pulpability.

PICOFILM products are high-quality coated, tear-resistant films, many of which are water-, chemical- and heat-resistant. They impress with good ink adhesion, brilliant print results and are also particularly suitable for outdoor use.

On laser and inkjet printers, the media guarantee the highest print quality and brilliant colour reproduction. The roll-to-roll process ensures easy handling and high productivity. Depending on the material, the products can be printed on both sides and are suitable for outdoor use.

On-demand printing makes it possible to produce exactly the desired run directly on site. Efficient and sustainable digital print production also contributes to lower CO2 emissions as there are no transport distances and the goods are available immediately.

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