How about designing your own skateboard or dream shoes to match your outfit? Should a refrigerator be better integrated into the design of the kitchen, or maybe your coffee machine? Isn‘t good design created as close as possible to or together with the end customer? Do standardised manufacturing processes prevent mass customized products?

Individualisation and unique designs are gaining more and more importance in all areas of life, across all generations. Whether an athlete uses sports equipment to express their passion, a fashion enthusiast designs footwear to embrace their individual style, or you just want to create a harmonised atmosphere, by designing your kitchen appliances to match your decor: adapting our environment to our individual taste creates a well-being never before possible – using everyday items to express our uniqueness.

The leading companies, in the areas of materials and technology, Sihl and Trichord have joined forces to create “PERIGON” – the German-based company is the first company to offer the world, unique technical solutions for productive, cost-effective production of transferring designs to complex 3D objects. “Our passion is to promote individual creativity through personalisation” says Steffen Ohr Managing Director of Perigon. “We enable brand owners to inspire their customers with innovative personalisation, encouraging consumers to participate in product design.”

“With the patented and proven Perigon process and technology, every complex shape, regardless of material can be designed whereby the production volumes no longer play a role” explains Alan Bridger, also Managing Director of Perigon. “Perigon creates tailor-made solution systems from In-Store solutions to mass production systems.”

The sustainable Perigon technology allows production of quantity needed by the customer, as well as where the product is needed. This eliminates any overproduction and secures a fully optimised supply chain.

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