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Thermal papers and films

Intelligent and approved

Tickets and parking tickets from vending machines or admission tickets are often printed on thermal paper. This paper is coated with a special heat-sensitive layer. In the thermal printing process, a colour image is produced by applying heat (thermal energy) to colour reagents in the thermal paper. This has the advantage that, unlike other printing processes, thermal printing does not require any other consumables such as toner.

Sihl thermal papers convince not only by excellent printability, but also by excellent durability of the thermal print under extreme external influences and resistance to chemicals.  The thermal print always remains clearly legible and is thus also protected against counterfeiting.

Good for human and environment

Our base papers are made from bleached pulp free of elemental chlorine, which originates from sustainable forestry. Our TICKETTHERM grades are FSC®-certified.

We do not use bisphenol A or S in the production of our thermal papers. New developments are also available as phenol-free varieties.


TICKETTHERM grades are thermosensitive special papers, designed for use with direct thermal printers. A base paper is provided with an undercoat and thermosensitive functional coating for this. Our ALPHA and TOP grades have an additional protective coating (topcoat), which protects the thermal function more effectively against mechanical and chemical influences from the environment. Some grades are available with optional back coating, this improving the print quality in conventional printing (flexographic / offset printing).


Car park tickets

Car park tickets made of Sihl thermal paper impress not only with excellent printability, but also by the excellent durability of the thermal print – even under extreme environmental conditions. Furthermore, they offer optimised wet smear resistance. No matter how variable the climatic conditions (heat and humidity), the thermal image remains legible and the paper stays flat. Excellent printing results with both flexo and offset printing.

Product selection

Travel tickets

Travel tickets made of Sihl security thermal papers are winners thanks to their high resistance to substances used to remove thermal print images. This makes our travel grades the obvious choice for any application where protection against counterfeit tickets is important – conventional non-topcoated products do not offer this level of resistance. In addition, Sihl security thermal papers are printable with all common printing inks and in all common printing processes.

Product selection

Four technologies

  • Direct coated papers

    Sihl supplies a comprehensive range of high-class thermal papers; ALPHA, ALPHA plus and PRO grades with or without topcoat. Available with coated and double coated reverse sides depending on our customers demand to the print result.

    Relevant features

    • Weights from 100 – 270 gsm
    • Resolution: high contrast for 200 – 300 dpi
    • High sensitive thermal reaction
    • All standard printing methods
  • Direct coated films

    The high-class thermal topcoated films are suitable for diverse applications due to their high resistance to tear propagation. They are very robust and offer high stiffness.

    Relevant features

    • Thickness from 75 – 325 µm
    • Available with topcoat
    • High contrast for 200 dpi
    • High sensitive thermal reaction
    • All standard printing methods
    •  Tear-resistant
    • Dimensionally stable
  • Security

    True security is only achievable by creating unique products. After intensive research and development Sihl is able to add first class security characteristics to the ticket materials. Use the expertise and take your pick of various security features which can be integrated in thermal coated papers.

    Relevant features 

    • Weights from 100 – 400 gsm
    • Available with or without topcoat
    • Available security features: watermarks, visible or UV-active fibres, coloured centre, tear resistance, planchettes
  • Laminates

    The flexibility in combination with state-of-the-art equipment for multi-layer products, enables Sihl to laminate various materials. The tear resistant versions of the laminates are durable and keep their high-class look even after long-term use.

    Relevant features

    • Weights from 170 – 370 gsm
    • Available with or without topcoat
    • Tear-resistant laminate: thermal paper/film/paper
    • Non tear-resistant laminate: thermal paper/paper
    • All standard printing methods


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