PICOFILM O-60 white XM1

Hard-wearing facestock film for demanding applications: For the production of product labels or labels to be printed with variable information in the fields of logistics, A4 & cut size, retail, oil & chemicals industry, home & personal care and pharmaceuticals.

O-60 white XM1 is a white 83 µm BOPP facestock film, with a matt coating on the front side for the printing of variable information using water-based inkjet printers, with a topcoated reverse for improved anchorage of adhesive.

In addition to the good CO2 balance, self-adhesive coaters and downstream processors benefit from process characteristics which are similar to standard BOPP films and from higher productivity compared to other matt inkjet films thanks to the lower thickness. This means that fewer roll changes are required.

End customers get a fast-drying, easy-to-process product with high colour brilliance, sharply contoured printouts and good weather resistance. They also benefit from higher productivity thanks to a higher number of labels per roll. This film is particularly suitable for pigment inks.

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