Premade, individually printable stand-up pouches

Premade, individually printable stand-up pouches

With ARTYSIO it is possible to produce stand-up pouches using two different production methods: Once for all plannable runs in the production “print&pack“, or completely flexible on demand in the production “pack&print“!

One Stand up pouch – two processes


For plannable runs, the ARTYSIO film is first printed cost-effectively using aqueous inkjet printing and then made into stand-up pouches on the line.


The ARTYSIO film is first processed on the line into unprinted stand-up pouches, which can then be individually printed later as required using aqueous inkjet.

The premade stand up pouch

The so-called pack&print variant is suitable for all small, highly flexible customer orders of up to 10,000 pieces and represents a completely new benchmark in the industry.

This ARTYSIO variant significantly shortens the delivery time of the current digitally printable stand-up pouches. Customers do not need own pouching equipment, nor do they place production orders. Just order the premade bags and print directly as required! It couldn’t be easier or faster!

Properties and benefits of the ARTYSIO „pack&print“ solution

Due to the oval welded bottom, the bag remains upright and offers an attractive product presentation at the point of sale. The pouches offer plenty of space on the front and back for an appealing and personalised design and information on ingredients and additives. The immediate drying of the inks enables seamless further processing.

Unfilled stand-up pouches can be stored efficiently and in a space-saving manner due to their practical flat shape, resulting in low storage and transport costs compared to other types of packaging.

ARTYSIO films are manufactured according to GMP guidelines and are therefore qualified as flexible, primary packaging for food & non-food applications where particularly high barrier properties are required to protect the freshness, aroma and appearance of the products.

By using different closure options, such as zippers or spouts, the liquid, pasty or granulated products are optimally offered and remain fresh for a long time due to the reclosure.

The prefabricated stand-up pouches can now be ordered for the filling quantities 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml. Contact us quickly and easily at!

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