Multiple awards for extreme requirements: Labels with Sihl FACESTOCK

Multiple awards for extreme requirements: Labels with Sihl FACESTOCK

PICOFILM O-60 WHITE XM1 from Sihl‘s FACESTOCK range receives its 7th award with its certification to BS5609 section 3 for the HP PageWide.

The transport of goods by sea is usually chosen when long distances have to be covered and trucks and rail are no alternative. Shipping goods containers by sea is then cheaper than transporting them by air. At sea, containers are often exposed to extreme weather conditions. The Sihl FACESTOCK program offers a very good basis for identification labels that have to master all these challenges with thermal transfer, laser or inkjet printing.

Sihl offers a coated BOPP film for aqueous inkjet printing with PICOFILM O-60 white XM1 from the FACESTOCK range for this purpose. Within the framework of the new GHS standards (globally harmonized system of classification and labelling of chemicals), the product is ideally suited for the labelling of hazardous goods transported by sea. It is characterised in particular by its high resistance to abrasion and water. 0-60 white XM1 is now approved to BS 5609 section 3 for the HP PageWide for a total of  7 types of printer and is thus resistant to seawater.

A list of certified inkjet printers is available and we are happy to make it available to interested parties.

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