Sihl is considered a pioneer on the path to greater sustainability and takes this role very seriously: As part of the ESG strategy, the first inkjet film based on 90% Post Consumer Recycled BOPET for creation of product labels was already launched at the beginning of the year.

Sihl continues to lead the way in FACESTOCK, creating products and solutions that make the best possible use of available resources. The range is continuously being expanded and converted to include more sustainable products. A total of five PCR-based products are currently available: Two transparent inkjet films (7054/7858) with 50 and 80 μm thickness, one transparent film for laser printing with approx. 60 μm thickness (7063) and one white and one silver inkjet film with 80 μm thickness each (7809/7854).

The products have the same mechanical properties, making them easy to process. So, just like the rest of the range, they are easy to work with and offer identical benefits: Fast drying, with high colour brilliance, sharpedged
prints and good water resistance.

A sustainable assortment
The FACESTOCK range includes BOPP and PET films in various sizes and colours. Combined with the right adhesive, they support recycling efforts, be it through the option of mono-packaging or automatic sorting during

To reduce CO2 emissions, many of our products are available with DUAL printing technology. This reduces
inventory along the entire logistics chain, as only one product is needed for at least two printing technologies,
such as inkjet and laser.

Sihl also saves resources through carefully considered selection of materials and offers water-based inkjet products with reduced weight. Compared to the corresponding PET or BOPP grades, the total weight is reduced by up to 40 per cent. This increases productivity by 30–50% more labels per roll.

Sihl FACESTOCK coatings combined with print-on-demand printing technology make it easier and more affordable to produce exactly the amount of labels needed while meeting customers’ personalisation requirements. This reduces waste and CO2 emissions enormously.

For more information, click here: https://sihl.com/en/facestock/

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