Certified SIHL media for the new HP Latex Series 700/800

Certified SIHL media for the new HP Latex Series 700/800

We are pleased to announce that nine Sihl products have now been certified by HP for the brand new Latex 700/800 series.

Sihl offers a wide range of media for printing with latex inks. Some of these products are not only profiled, but are HP Latex certified: This means that they have been thoroughly tested by an independent testing lab on HP Latex printers and in their application.

So far our products have been tested and certified for the HP Latex 300 and 500 series. Due to our close cooperation with HP, we are proud that nine Sihl media are now additionally certified for the brand new HP Latex 700/800 series:

  • Non-woven design2wall FR 210 (2517)
  • PolySOL roll-up film 180 satin (3515)
  • Backlit Film Plus 220 Satin (3560)
  • Roll-Up Film Plus 205 SB Satin (3598)
  • Poster Paper Pro 130 Matt (3673)
  • TriSolv Poster Paper Prime 200 Glossy (3686)
  • TriSolv Billboard Paper Plus 130 satin (3687)
  • TriSolv PhotoArt Paper 210 (3699)
  • Vivalux Backlit Film Latex 200 Matt (3747)

All profiles can be found online in the “Navigator for HP substrate solutions”: www.hp.com/go/mediasolutionslocator. For other printing systems and inks, numerous other profiles are also available on our website at www.sihl.com/en/ on the respective product pages.

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