As they are often exposed to special conditions, hang tags and loop labels need to be hard-wearing, tear-resistant and durable. Moisture, chemicals, extreme temperatures and frequent use or loads require a material that is able to withstand these extreme demands.

The synthetic materials and composites in our ENDURO, PICOFILM and PRESSURETAC ranges meet these requirements for the manufacture of numerous label shapes.

Leaflets and brochures on this application can be downloaded from our media library.

Loop tags

Loop tags are used whenever sticking to the product is not desired or the label has to be removed quickly and easily, e.g. as luggage tags or as transport identification in logistics.

Hang tags

Hang tags are used in goods and product labelling. With the aid of a hole punched in the label and a thread, they are attached to items of clothing for price labelling purposes, for instance. The material’s special tear resistance prevents the label being removed if this is not wanted.

Plant stabbers

Plant stabbers are used in gardening and landscaping. Plants can be labelled easily by simply inserting them into the soil. They must be particularly resistant, wet-strengthened and durable in terms of material and printing.

Labels for net bags

Labels for net bags are mainly used for price labelling on mesh bags. They are often used in the food or gardening sector, e.g. for potatoes. Strip labels need to be particularly resistant to external influences.

Self-adhesive Loop label for luggage

PRESSURETAC loop labels are the first choice wherever self-explanatory, clean labelling of luggage is required. This includes, in particular, self-check-in machines at airports, but also labelling at railway stations, hotels or other places where luggage is stored.

Self-adhesive Loop label for warehouse logistics

PRESSURETAC loop labels are the first choice wherever clean and efficient labelling is required in merchandise management. PRESSURETAC’s cold seal adhesive only adheres to itself, does not require a release liner and can be removed without cleaning, leaving no residue behind.

Wristbands for access control & identification

Wristbands for access control and identification are strips of material worn around the wrist to identify guests at events, concerts, water parks, etc. Additionally, they help to control the redemption of food and beverages or access to the VIP area. But they can also be customised to serve as a promotional tool. By adding your own design with personalised data or your logo, you easily increase the awareness of your brand.