When the World revolves around YOU!

How about designing your own skateboard or dream shoes to match your outfit? Should a refrigerator be better integrated into the design of the kitchen, or maybe your coffee machine?  Isn’t good design created as close as possible to or together with the end customer? Do standardised manufacturing processes prevent mass customized products?

Become part of a revolution! We, the leading companies in materials and technology – Sihl and Trichord – have joined forces and founded Perigon – the first company to offer the world, unique technical solutions for productive, cost-effective production of transferring designs to complex 3D objects. We enable brand owners to inspire their customers with innovative personalisation, encouraging consumers to participate in product design.



Perigon Markets Footwear


Stand out from the crowd with personalised sneakers! Your customers become designers of individualised shoes and you make it possible – in small or large production runs.




Nice style with quality and safety surprise your customers with modern designs for you for their sports equipment without any loss to quality or efficiency for mass production.



Domestic appliances

An end to boring white household appliances! Your customers become the designers of coffee machines, refrigerators & Co, creating that wow factor at home – durable, hardwearing and very individual.

Domestic appliances


Print on demand

Fulfil customer wishes on-demand while remaining innovative inflexible! You can now produce personalised products and gifts in short runs, quick, efficient, and in-expensively for your customers.

Print on demand


Bottles & Flacons

Bottles & Flacons as unique as your products! Limited editions emphasis the limelight around the product. Bottles and flacons customised to match the taste of the drink or the fragrance of the perfume.

Bottles & Flacons



The process is simple:
Thethermoformable film is printed using special inks and placed in the Perigon oven, the temperature is increased until the film becomes softwhen it reaches this point the vacuum is turned on. 

Once soft, the film is sucked down around the productfitting snug like a glove and the diffusion begins. The ink becomes a gas and is transferred into the amorphous structure of the product, in this way the desired image is transferred from the film to the object.

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Individual production with the in-store solution


Print-on-demand for medium
print runs



Ready for mass production
with Perigon


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In addition to choosing the most appropriate film and oven, also the printer, inks, dryers and other materials needed. We help you with the choice and implementation of the right printers, dryers and advice on the correct inks.

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Perigon offers you a complete package consisting of printer, ink, film and oven and also guarantees a personal all-round service with worldwide support, hotline, certified technicians and more.
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