Solutions as unique as your customers

Individualisation and unique designs are not just a trend, but also a personal lifestyle. Whether athletes, who wish to express their passion for their sport through their equipment; fashion enthusiasts who are looking for individual sneakers to match their style or families who want to create a harmonised atmosphere by designing their kitchen appliances in their own four walls. Perigon offers a solution, regardless of production size. As brand owner, retailer or online shop you can offer your customers the creative opportunity to participate in the product design.


People strive to be individual and stand out from the crowd. They wish for the dream shoe perfectly tailored to their look, their sport, that special event, season or just their mood.

Let your customers become designers and create their own shoes, ones they can be proud of. We’ll show you how!

Perigon offers a quick, cost-effective solution to personalisation of your assortment, no matter how many shoes you want to design.

No longer necessary to worry about how to transfer the designs or individual images to the shoe, or fret about high stock or overproduction.

Regardless of whether your company supplies shoes via a retail store or a on-demand online shop, Perigon will find the right solution for you!


How about your customers being able to design their sports equipment with individual designs to express their passion?

One way to do this is with stickers or self-adhesive films, often a short-lived pleasure. Most of the time these don’t adhere properly to the object and come off after a short time. Perigon has the optimal alternative here – durable, scratch resistant and clean.

Combine the quality and safety of your products with the lifestyle of your target groups! Perigon offers a comprehensive solution for efficient mass-production of diverse designs. Customisation has no influence on your quality or safety standards.

Perigon also has an ideal solution for short runs of unique items.

The patented Perigon technology ensures complete freedom – not only in substrate and design, but also when it comes to production quantities. This way you can fulfil your customers every wish on demand.

Domestic appliances

The mega trend of individualisation is shaping our modern way of life, even in our own four walls. So, lets get rid of the boring “white” in the household appliances industry! Use innovative design possibilities to create toaster, coffee machines or refrigerators to be kept on display rather than disappearing into cupboards or the basement.

Let your customers become the designers of coffee machines or refrigerators.

The Perigon solution is functional and long-lasting. Monocoloured designs or tatty, peeling films are a thing of the past.

We will be at your side with advice and support during integration into existing processes, to ensure no disruption to your efficiency or logistics.

No need to worry about high stock or over-production. With Perigon you can individualise on demand!

Bottles & Flacons

Packaging is as unique as the product itself. In order to stand out from the competition and highlight the premium character of a brand, eye-catching and stylish designs are a must. This is not just the case for the perfume business, whereby the fragrance and the design need to harmonise, inspire and send a message. It also applies to the beverage industry, whether premium champagnes or that special whiskey.

Strengthen your brand identity! There are no limits: regular limited editions, each with a unique or local design, all is possible. Do away with labels which can fall off, lead to problems within production or pollute the environment with waste.

Perigon offers a unique solution, whether for mass-production or the complete personalisation of your products.

We will be at your side with advice and support during integration into existing processes, to ensure no disruption to your efficiency or logistics. No need to worry about high stock or over-production. With Perigon you can individualise on demand!

Print on demand

Who doesn’t know it? A birthday is approaching faster than you think and you want to present something original but need a quick delivery, like tomorrow!

Or a last-minute special promotion and marketing need a highlight quickly.

The best thing about Perigon: your customers can design a wide range of products with individual photos, logos or text. Whether it be sunglasses, headphones or dog leads, through single run print on demand you produce exactly what the customer wants, quickly and with no stock or sold out products.

Perigon offer an innovative, cost-effective solution for personalisation of on-demand products, regardless of how high the volumes.

Perigon solutions allow next day delivery without the worry of over-production or complaints. On-demand individuality is our strength.

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