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Exactly according to your needs

Depending on your requirements, there are different solutions: From in-store concepts, print on demand requirements to systems for mass production.


In the stylish ambience of your shop, customers can choose a product, choose or create a design and then follow the printing process live on a monitor, with the entire process taking a maximum of 30 minutes. a completely new shopping experience for your customers and you profit in gaining attraction and attention in your shop this takes your customers away from online shopping and brings them back into local shops

A further advantage is the reduction in stock as you won’t have to keep a stock of various designs. Therefore, you can offer customer specific products, the customers can be creative and have fun while shopping, you gain a new target group and become more renowned.


This solution is ideal for an online shop with no warehousing. A sliding tray system, containing two trays, while one tray is being refilled the other is in the heating chamber. This enables high productivity, making your production efficient and enabling quick delivery to customers.

Enjoy complete freedom – not only in terms of the design, but also in production volumes. Large production runs or large stock are not necessary to enable quick delivery. You can meet your customers every individual wish on demand and strengthen customer loyalty.


The industrial solution offers maximum efficiency for mass production. Allowing maximum productivity within a centralised production process, despite complete individualization. The customisation has no influence on your quality control or safety standards.

With its loading and unloading areas, plus multiple heating chambers this Perigon system allows an automatised process. This solution enables the preparation and processing of high volumes, in comparison to traditional methods where a lot is still done by hand.

Service & Support

At Perigon we look forward to sharing our extensive knowledge and experience in technology development, production and media with you. You will be working with a team of professionals. Together, let’s bring your ideas to life!

We offer a comprehensive and qualified worldwide support in all areas of service and technology, through in-house testing and graphic editing, individual service and maintenance contracts, we carry a stock of spare parts and consumables, carry out on-site repairs, a certified network and more.

What exactly do you need?

How big is the available space and what ideas would you like to implement? Write to us!
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