Sihl and eezeetags® – a strong collaboration for future self-service check-in at airports

Sihl and eezeetags® – a strong collaboration for future self-service check-in at airports

The Sihl Group and eezeetags® B.V. have reached an agreement on future collaboration to expedite self-service check-in at airports. The two companies have developed a concept for this market that is based on PRESSURETAC – the leading, patented product for self-adhesive luggage tags.

The airline industry is currently preparing itself for the resumption of travel. In times of a global pandemic and strict hygiene measures, self-service takes on greater importance: Self-service check-in requires only minimal contact with airport personnel, and allows more passengers to be served faster, saving both money and time.

‘We expect an increase in the demand for eezeetags® on a level not previously seen’, said Borry Vrieling, founder and managing director of eezeetags®.

eezeetags® is known by airlines and airports worldwide as the flagship for top quality and maximum ease of use. Passengers can print their luggage tags directly at the airport. Usage errors are eliminated as the system is self-explanatory.

Tags are printed on PRESSURETAC, a patented composite material manufactured by the Sihl Group. The material adheres only to itself, thanks to the special coating on the rear side of the tag, which means no silicone paper is required. This has many benefits: Firstly, PRESSURETAC is environmentally friendly, as less waste material is produced and the base material is FSC®-certified. Secondly, the risk of accidents is considerably reduced as no slippery silicone paper is left on the floor. In addition, the tags can be removed without leaving residue, so that luggage items are not soiled by adhesive residue.

Sihl and eezeetags® are today announcing the ‘eezeetags® family’ to meet the growing challenges in the market. The family consists of the most important leading manufacturers of luggage tags, which are all licensed under the eezeetags® quality specifications and all use the same patented original composite material:

  • Security Label GmbH in Sarstedt, Germany, will service the market in Europe, Turkey and North Africa (sales and production)
  • Kimoha Entrepreneurs in Dubai, UAE, will service the GCC states, East Africa, India and the Indian subcontinent (sales and production)
  • George Schmitt & Co in Guilford, Connecticut, USA, will manufacture for the North American continent and
  • Gateway Business Communications in Middletown, Connecticut, USA, will handle sales in North America

By founding the family, eezeetags® guarantees worldwide availability and consistent quality so as to ensure hassle-free self-check-in.

If you would like to service this market and join in this success story, become part of the eezeetags® family – a dynamic and trustworthy network. With PRESSURETAC, we offer producers and kiosk providers a solution that is perfectly tailored to their needs. Airlines also benefit from our close ties to kiosk providers and thermal printer manufacturers who supply terminals and printers for application of the system.

For more information and details, please contact Borry Vrieling, founder and managing director of eezeetags®:

Tel: +31 348 560077

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